Mental Health Providers

Virtual Assistance for Mental Health Providers

As a mental health professional, your passion and purpose centers around helping those in need.  You comfort and provide support for families and individuals dealing with emotional, physical, and mental health issues. Part of your role involves helping patients to manage their stress and to set goals for themselves while they are learning to modify their behaviors for better results.

Your role can become taxing as you treat these individuals who may have anxiety, depression, anger management issues, or even eating disorders. Counseling may be provided for some of the patients, as well, which expands your list of responsibilities and increases your workload.

Though your job can be incredibly rewarding, at some point in your career you may have decided to start your own private practice. This decision may have been based on a need for independence, for flexibility, or possibly for financial gain and growth opportunities. Unfortunately, this freedom does come with a whole new set of challenges. Finding the balance between caretaker, therapist, scheduler, marketer, and financial coordinator is nearly impossible for just one individual. Without the help of an administrative assistant, your role can become incredibly overwhelming, and your passion for your work could diminish.

Hiring an assistant can be expensive, though, as it requires you to have the additional office space and also requires you to offer benefits that would not be necessary upon hiring an independently owned group of online support specialists. By hiring a virtual assistant, you can dramatically reduce your company’s bottom line. At Your Faithful Assistant, we work from our own office, we have our own equipment, and we don’t require health benefits, or worker’s compensation. For the cost of about one copay a day, you can find the assistance you need to keep your practice running smoothly by entrusting us with your administrative work.

If your desire is to keep your practice running smoothly and you are still not convinced that you need an Assistant, download our packet to see how we can assist with your challenges.