Should You Hire a Virtual Assistant?

It’s no secret that operating your own business often requires your complete and total, unimpeded attention. It’s also no secret that humans sometimes need to turn their attention elsewhere, or at the very least seek assistance to lighten the burden wrought by giving something their complete and total, unimpeded attention. Thus, we now have the […]

Outsourcing VS Partnership

Being a VA (Virtual Assistant) is an exhilarating experience (at least for me).  I get to use my gift of administration to form partnerships rather than just completing tasks.

Since being in business, I have encountered business owners from all industries who are seeking to hire an assistant at extremely low rates.  It seems to me […]

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7 Tips for Working with a Business Support Team

Previously, small business owners and organizations have had limited options in running their business. They either needed to perform all of the work themselves, i.e. Marketing, Billing, Office Support, and so on or they needed to hire an in-house employee with the required skill sets.

As technology has evolved, outsourcing has become more prevalent. Thus Entrepreneurs […]

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