About Your Faithful Assistant

Your Faithful Assistant, L.L.C. is a Business Management Support Company that assists Executives, Business Owners, Facilitators and Non-Profit Executive Directors achieve greater results, by providing remote executive assistance to help them operate more efficiently and effectively in the areas of administration, bookkeeping, and event management.

Your Faithful Assistant, L.L.C. is comprised of a team of Professionals that provide hands-on support to our clients in a variety of ways including executive assistance, bookkeeping, event and webinar management, customer service support and more depending on the needs of the client. 

Our goal is to assist our clients in leveraging the expertise and skills of freelancers in a manner that allows them to operate more efficiently while focusing on achieving their goals.

Your partnership with us allows you to:

  • Lead your organization or business
  • Perform the work that you are passionate about
  • Stay focused
  • Lean on someone else to assist in getting things accomplished
  • Envision the future

We partner with you by:

  • Becoming a reliable component of your business operations
  • Customizing services to fit your needs
  • Performing quality work by trained professionals
  • Maintaining a high level of integrity
  • Ensuring confidentiality
  • Providing accurate billing

Who We Work With:

  • Administrators
  • Business Owners
  • Church Leaders
  • Executives
  • Mental Health Providers

Please feel free to contact us today if you are interested in becoming a Virtual Assistant or need Virtual Assistance for your small business or non-profit.