These days almost every business executive, project manager, or even secretary is familiar with some form of personal virtual assistant program or software. Virtual assistants are incredibly useful and, importantly, inexpensive. One major problem facing many main-stream virtual assistants, i.e. Siri, Cortana, and Google Now, however, is their impersonal connection to their operator. Being essentially just a set of numbers and algorithms, they don’t always provide business professionals with the support or solutions they need to succeed.

Enter Your Faithful Assistant, hailing from Baltimore, Maryland. Your Faithful Assistant provides excellent business support solutions, custom tailored to suit your personal business needs. They provide industry leading customer support and consultations with far more agency and personability than almost any virtual assistant you’ve seen before. Far from being the aforementioned set of numbers and algorithms, Your Faithful Assistant connects businesses with real, yes, you read that correctly, REAL people. People – trained business support specialists – virtual assistants who grow familiar with your industry needs and help your company grow and thrive; dedicated workers who are thoroughly invested in, and dedicated to, ensuring your business runs at peak capacity, particularly when you’re encumbered with the day-to-day minutia of all those little things that go into operating a company.

After a free consultation in which you and a representative from Your Faithful Assistant identify key administrative tasks you need addressed, you will be outfitted with exactly what you need to succeed. Your personal virtual assistant will deploy solutions including bookkeeping, executive assistance, email marketing, event planning, and project management. From managing, developing, and motivating teams to accomplish their objectives, to maintaining overall daily operations, Your Faithful Assistant will do what it takes to lift some of that administrative weight from your shoulders.

Though located in the heart of Maryland, Your Faithful Assistant is able to reach out to clients across the nation, having already served businesses in their home state of Maryland and beyond to Virginia, New Jersey, New York, and Illinois.

To see how Your Faithful Assistant can help build and maintain your business, contact us today.