As rewarding as your role can be as a Mental Health Professional, there are challenges that come with private practice.  Some of these challenges may not have been considered or you find that you are not equipped to handle.

These challenges include:

  • Managing billing and paperwork
  • Client Communication to maintain full schedule of patients
  • Fluidity of referrals
  • Marketing (Writing Content and Publishing)
  • Establishing Boundaries

Your decision to go into private practice may have been to increase your revenue, but now you realize that you either have to accomplish these additional responsibilities yourself or hire the proper staff to do so.  These costs of doing business reduce the bottom line.  So how do you manage the tasks while also managing the costs.

It is time to hire an Assistant, and not one that dramatically reduces the bottom line.  Not one that you have to set up a desk for and purchase computer equipment for.  One that works from their own home office, has their own equipment, doesn’t require benefits and you do not have to pay worker’s compensation insurance for.   You need to hire a Virtual Assistant, and you need to do it now! For about one c0-pay a day, you can find the assistance you need to keep your practice running smoothly.

If your desire is to keep your practice running smoothly and you are still not convinced that you need an Assistant, download our packet to see how we can assist with your challenges.