Being a VA (Virtual Assistant) is an exhilarating experience (at least for me).  I get to use my gift of administration to form partnerships rather than just completing tasks.

Since being in business, I have encountered business owners from all industries who are seeking to hire an assistant at extremely low rates.  It seems to me that the thinking behind this is that 1) A VA does not have to travel therefore should get paid less, or 2) VA’s do not perform as well as in office staff.  Again, this is just my perspective on what drives this thinking and I may be completely wrong, but where is the world would you get a top notch Executive Assistant in the United States for $10 and hour?

Recently, I have come across many membership sites that allow you to sign up and pay a monthly rate in exchange for them completing a certain number of tasks on a monthly basis.  While this is a great option for many who desire to shorten their to-do-list, it is most likely not the partnership that you desire when looking for an assistant.

A partnership with a Virtual Assistant provides you with so much more than shortening your to-do list.  It is a relationship that grows if nurtured over time.  You relationship with your VA is one that will help your business grow by opening new avenues to you through an outside resource that has knowledge of many different businesses.  This allows you the opportunity to “Think outside the box”.

This is one of the reasons that I desire working with clients that include me as an integral part of their business and that seek long-term partnerships.  I began business in 2006 in an effort to serve and to prove that when you work in your area of expertise and giftedness, business does not need to be overwhelming.

Your Faithful Assistant, LLC is owned and operated by Shelley Drasal. Shelley is a proficient, competent, self motivated and energetic Business Support Consultant with over 20 years of professional experience. Experience includes proven leadership abilities including managing, developing, and motivating teams to obtain their objectives while maintaining daily operations and records related to business structure. Professional demeanor and desire to excel has qualified Shelley to operate her own business and to place a high level of integrity into the jobs that she performs.