I am not sure if any of you out there are like me, but if you are I absolutely hate paper and when I say I hate paper, I mean HATE!  Years ago when I had the opportunity, I spent an entire day scanning financial documents and files into my computer.  I then saved them to a hard drive; this was followed by an entire day of shredding.  Now, on a weekly basis, documents are scanned and shredded.  That is how much I HATE paper.

This is why I was overjoyed when I came across OneNote.  OneNote is a digital version of a Notebook.  It allows you to create multiple notebooks for different uses, sections for different topics and pages within those topics.  You can also insert copies of documents or files relevant to the topic.

No more paper for me!  How about you?  OneNote comes free with the Microsoft Office Suite or you can check it out at here.